Instant Internet Lifestyle Review

If you are wanting to make money online, you are in the right place. Lee McIntyre is an internet success story with a reputation for honesty and extremely high quality products. This new one is now exception.

The Instant Internet Lifestyle includes 8 training modules, all over 60 minutes long. It's from a workshop that Lee McIntyre presented in the UK. Attendees paid $997 plus lodging and travel to attend. Here is what you get:

Day 1:
Momentum Marketing Madness

The Massive Monthly Payrise Method

The 4x Profit Method


Deep Connection Dynamics

Day 2:
Automatic Traffic Control

Affiliate Army Method

The Internet Automation Plan

Video Sales Uncut

The workshop goes through the overview of how to build a business, moving from some basic (but powerful!) principles like how to create products easily, the best type of business to build, how to get a better response rate (and a better opt-in rate) from your email list. And it continues all the way through how to manage affiliates, hire staff, and automate your business so you can go on vacation while still making money.

The video is 8 hours of content -- and it's all content. There is just so much information in here, it's unbelievable. There is something in here to learn for newbie or experienced marketer alike. It also goes in a step by step order that MAKES SENSE, with each module building on the one before it. There is no selling and no jumping around here.

I honestly recommend it without reservations. People paid $997 plus travel and lodging to attend, and I think it was worth that. You can get it now for a measly $19.95. It will be some of the best money you ever spend on an internet marketing product. Go get it now, you will not be disappointed.